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Fitness has completely changed my life and through Gloot Loops & Bodies By Lauren, Im able to help other women and men reach their fitness goals whether it be to build muscle, lose fat, or be more confident in their skin! My mission is simple, I want to change peoples lives and unlock their happiest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves.

My training and nutrition methods have helped me achieve the shape I always dreamed of. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum until I finally transformed my physique! I specialize in building bikini bodies and love to help women achieve a toned, feminine physique, with beautiful shape. If you want to live a healthier , enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle, You came to the right Place!

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Someone Call Mario, because Im Princess Peach Now 

Princess Peach #2

Amazing Quality and Love The Bootylicious Bird! A Few More Hip Thrust Using The Gloot Loop and I'll be Just As Juicy!

Juicy J

I bought this for my girlfriend, She's now my wife.

Boo'd up Boyz

I've Been Incorperating The Gloot Loop Into My Daily Workouts & During Cardio For More Intensity. It Made Me Add "Fit" To The End Of My IG Handle. 

FIt Chick

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